Villa Staff

Blue Lagoon Villa Staff Services

Our expertly-trained staff are here to cater to your every whim. At Blue Lagoon, a housekeeper, chef, butler, andlaundress ensure your holiday experience is beyond exceptional. They work tirelessly, using a separate kitchen and food prep area and laundry facilities to maintain a standard of luxury that keeps Blue Lagoon in a class of its own. Our dedicated property manager and the Blue Sky Luxury Concierge Can team are also available and ready to assist when needed. Together, our on-site staff and our dedicated guest services team provide a full-service experience that will guarantee a completely relaxing and stress-free vacation. 

Relish in the highest standards of service at Blue Lagoon. If you’re wondering how our exceptional team keeps everything looking and feeling so smart, you’ll see there’s more to their dedication and smiles. Our staff works hard behind the scenes, preparing meals and laundering linens, towels, and clothing in their own self-contained facilities. Our chef and staff prepare mouth-watering bites in an impressive fully-equipped kitchen, which remains out of sight. Just next door, our full-time laundress handles all washing and pressing in a large laundry facility with energy-efficient equipment. These extra touches ensure you have the most memorable and luxurious experience possible.